West Shore Pipe Line Company is a common carrier petroleum pipeline system that originates in the Chicago area and extends north to Granville, Wisconsin and west and then north to Madison Wisconsin. The 650 mile pipeline system transports refined petroleum products to markets in northern Illinois and Wisconsin from the greater Chicago area. The operation and ownership of the original West Shore Pipe Line was combined with the former Badger pipeline system in 1998. For general, customer service, business development, or engineering questions with West Shore Pipe Line Company click here or the contact button above.

August 11 is National 811 Day
811 Day is observed every August 11th to remind us to call 811 prior to any digging project. 811 is the national number designated by the Federal Communications Commission to help protect homeowners and professional excavators from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines while working on digging projects – large and small. It is a FREE service. If you are planning to dig anywhere, you must call 811 prior to digging.

For more information on safe digging, please visit these sites: